How does American Roulette work?

In American roulette, the time of the betting coincides with the announcement of the croupier after having spun the wheel and thrown the ball. Only after that moment the player will be able to proceed with the bet and in any case no later than the announcement of closing of the same by the croupier (and in any case not less than three spins from the stop of the rotation of the ball on the roulette wheel). Another peculiarity of this type of roulette, unlike the European one, concerns the possibility of betting on five numbers, i.e. one number plus two numbers to the left and right of the selected sector.

American Roulette Rules: How It Works

Let’s now pass to the game rules of American roulette which do not differ substantially from the classic one. Of course, the player has to guess which slot the ball will land in. In this sense he will have to place the bet (or bets) on a single number or on a system of numbers / sectors. In some casinos that practice American roulette, and even more so in the USA, the player who has made a bet with a chance to win at 50% (for example ‘red / black’) will have the opportunity to get 50% of the same. in the event that the ball will fall into the two green sectors destined for ‘zero’.

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